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Biologic research and development centers of Salubris are located in Maryland, US, and Chengdu and Suzhou in China.

R&D Platform of Biological Medicine

R&D Platform for Gene Therapy Drug

- An Academic Workstation specialized in the research and development of gene therapy drug established by Salubris and National Key Laboratory of Biotherapy (SKLB).

- Developing innovative gene therapy drugs for cancer and cerebrovascular disease with novel technologies such as tumor in situ vaccine, RNA interference and gene editing.

R&D Platform for Antibody Drug

- A comprehensive R&D platform for new antibody drugs, including monoclonal antibody, bifunctional antibody and antibody-drug conjugate, dedicated to develop the treatment of cerebrovascular disease, cancer, endocrine diseases, etc.

- With complete ability of antibody drug development including antibody molecule design, molecule screening and optimization, engineering cell line building, process developing, large-scale antibody production, antibody preparation development and quality standard establishment.

- With the support of the Humanized Antibody Platform project and R&D and Key Innovative Technology of New Innovative Antibody Drug project started by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and Technology.

R&D Platform for Recombinant Protein Drug

- Have established a mature developing system of recombinant protein drug from gene cloning to new drug applying with several years experience of R&D.


20+ understudied projects

11 new drugs projects

5 projects listed in China's 13th five-year plan for the creation of new drugs.

Lyophilized Recombinant Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor

- For severe oral mucositis and Gastrointestinal mucositis caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients suffering from cancer.

Recombinant SeV-hFGF2/dF Injection

- The new medicine in gene therapy developed in cooperation with ID Pharma CO., Ltd, in Japan.

- Gene therapy project to start clinical trials, in synchronization with Phase I clinical trials in China, Phase II clinical trials in Japan and Phase I clinical trials in Australia.