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Small Molecule

The innovative and generic medicine programs of Salubris cover anticoagulation, anti-heart failure, oncology and anti-diabetes. There are more than 600 professionals majored in pharmacy, biology or chemistry in the small molecule research team.

Chemical R&D Platform

National Technology Center

- Qualified as Shenzhen Technology Center in 2008; Qualified as National Technology Center in 2012

Established innovative management system integrated with independent R&D and collaboration, established the proprietary technology development system with owned independent intelligent property right.

- Optimize the structure of products constantly, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces.

- Set up Innovative R&D Center, Drugs R&D Center and Associated Lab, according to various R&D features of different drugs.

- Established a Joint Research Center with Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Tsinghua University and Sichuan University, providing support for products-supply and technology upgrade.

Enterprise postdoctoral working station

- Established Postdoctoral innovation practice base in 2013 and found enterprise postdoctoral working station in 2015.

- Working Station mainly focuses on building high-level talents team, improving enterprise independent innovation ability.

- Through research on postdoctoral program, we strengthened the construction of high-level professional and technical talents and promoted the enterprise talent strategy and innovation-oriented development strategy.

- Salubris built up the innovative R&D team for the postdoctor in the working station, providing the mentors from top notch experts and professors from prominent universities in China and assistants to them, in order to ensure that they can maximize their efforts in the station.


- About 100 understudied projects,

- New drugs covers the therapeutic fields of anticoagulin, hyperglycemia, anti-heart-failure,  antineoplastic, anti-diabetic, etc.

- Generic drugs covers the anticoagulin, anti-epileptic, anti-infection, antihypertensive, hyperglycemia, etc.