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Medical Device

There are three meidcal devices subsidiaries of Salubris, including Alain Medical (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Keyidun Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Salubris Biomedical Engineering CO., LTD.

Doctors and masters account for one third of the total number of the R&D personnel at home and abroad. They have rich experiences in the development and management of medical devices for interventional cardiology, structural heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease.

R&D Platform of Medical Device


Shenzhen Cardiovascular Drugs and Devices Development Laboratory

Shenzhen Cardiovascular Drugs and Devices Development Laboratory was established in 2009, with a cumulative investment more than 30 million yuan. The R&D projects of the laboratory focuses on the synchronized development between cardiovascular drugs and interventional medical devices, providing series of product chains and forming a complete and scientific system for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.


Salubris Medical Science and Technology Park

A comprehensive R&D platform provides distinctive synchronized development between cardiovascular drugs and interventional medical devices for prevention and treatment.



A number of products have been applied for or authorized the National Invention Patent and the National Utility Model Patent.

Providing new products, including nickel-titanium medical devices and balloon catheter for medicines.



Ongoing research project


Drug-eluting Cerebral stent system

Neurological impairment of cerebral ischemia by stenosis of cerebral artery and vertebrobasilar artery

It is used for nerve function defect of cerebral ischemia which caused by intracranial artery and vertebral basilar artery stenosis.

Ballon expandable Co-Cr stent

Eluting with antiproliferative drug in the surface of stent


Drug-eluting lower extremity arterial stent system

Used in PCI to keep the lower extremity vessel unobstructed

Eluting with antiproliferative drug in the surface of stent


Left atrial appendage occluder

Prevention of thrombosis during atrial fibrillation

Technical upgrade for repeatable localization and less harm while implant, suitable for permanent implantation.


Vena cava filter

Used in orthopedic, cesarean section and other lower extremity surgery operations.

Innovation technology upgrade for expanding indications, reducing the complications and fitting more users.